Bryan Ilie Minton


Bryan Ilie Minton 


Art director who has a real passion for advertising.

Past work experience included Interning as an Art director at TargetMcConnells In Dublin ans Publicis Dublin and currently working in FCB Romania.

As a graduate in Digital media, I created and exhibited a short film entitled Acceptance “ are ye all together “. This piece is about a boy who escaped the uncertainty of life in a Romanian orphanage.

In 2013 I was given the opportunity to take part in a study aboard program in the Netherlands. I gained a valuable insight into a new field of creative advertising while studying various modules in concept development and also through my hands on involvement in a specific advertising campaign that focused on attracting a new target audience to the Contemporary Museum of Aboriginal Art in Utrecht, Holland. 

I always had a passion for creativity from a young age. While growing up I experimented with different art mediums from textile to horticulture but through trial and error have decided to pursue my creativity through advertising. 

World’s Spartan medallist, world traveller, designer, editor conceptionalist and perfectionist

Always looking ahead at his next challenge, loves to learn from the best.

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