Bryan Burgers

About the chef



Welcome to Bryan’s Burgers, an award-winning cuisine made up from the newest and freshest ideas and plating around. (Conceptual art director)

My overall culinary experiences have had me working in some of the world's most blazing kitchens, such as Target McConnells Ireland, Publicis Ireland and FCB Bucharest and currently, I can be found serving the Bryan Burger at McCann World Group Romania, to some of the world's biggest accounts: Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Mastercard, KFC and Taco Bell. McCann a Michelin star kitchen was recently ranked number 2 best and bravest agency on the planet in the GLOBAL 2018 Contagious Pioneers ranking.

For me, ideas are very much like burgers and that’s not because I’m always hungry.
Wait I’ll actually explain. You basically have to start with a fresh piece of insight. Then you grill that patty into a nice concept, medium rare or well done. After that, you season it with surprising executions, loads of content ideas and a big slice of cheese. Okay, that last one might be the hunger talking. To go further, you need to craft everything with two hot steamy buns and there you have it: a nice juicy winning idea, ready to be served throughout media channels.

Bon Appétit!

Achievements Include

  • Festival of New Gold

  • Festival of New Gold

  • Media Post Creative Media Awards

  • ADC Romania Gold

  • ADC Europe Silver

  • ADC Europe Jury